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I just caught wind of the Athens, Ohio, band, Wheels on Fire. Knowing little about them beyond their hometown and their MySpace page, I checked out the tunes off their EP, Cherry Bomb. My initial reaction: this music fuses together 50s beats with 80s Clash-esque punk rock to create something interesting that makes you want to keep listening.

The lack of over-produced studio magicianed songs you can get with some major label artists is what’s so refreshing about a new band — what you see is what you get — which translates into real, raw music. This easily lets the listener weed out the bad from the good, almost instantaneously.

And this band makes the cut. It is clear that these musicians are talented. I was specifically impressed by their instrumental contributions — the guitar parts in these songs are very well-executed — particularly apparent on the track, “Go Give Yer Love Away.”

Coming off an 18-show European tour that included Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, this band is making headway in getting heard. The EP’s title-track, Cherry Bomb,” is perhaps rightfully the best offering of this collection. Wheels on Fire, seems like a fun group to check-out live and I look forward to them hopefully hitting up some of the great music venues of NYC in the future.

Wheels on Fire consists of Michael Chaney on vocals & guitar, Matthew Chaney on drums & percussion, John Garris on vocals & guitar, and Susan Musser on piano & organ.

Listen for yourself, here: Wheels on Fire MySpace page

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