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: about us :

Holiday for Hanging gets its name from the Rilo Kiley song, It’s a Hit. We started in 2010 as a blog focused on sharing new (and sometimes old!) music, film, television, books, dance, fashion, events, food, and more. We hit a snag in 2015 when the majority of our content was lost, but we’re resilient and creative, so we’ll post again! We hope you enjoy this holiday for hanging, yeah!

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: editor :

Gita G.

Holiday for Hanging is the brainchild/pet project of Gita G., our editor. It emerged from a deep love of music and an appreciation for the power of the written word. Prior to starting Holiday for Hanging, Gita spent a year as a weekly contributor to the former music and entertainment blog, Week in Rewind. For which she wrote music, tv, and movie reviews, as well as, artist retrospectives. In 2010, a good friend nudged Gita to branch off and start her own blog, thus Holiday for Hanging came into being. Gita is happily balanced between being a corporate suit (who wears jeans to work!) by day and a certified DJ, amateur guitar player, and aspiring writer by night. Gita has a passion for live music, travel, fitness, photography, cooking/baking, knitting, and most of all, humor. It is extremely dear to her heart that her name means “song” in Sanskrit.