: about us :

Holiday for Hanging gets its name from the Rilo Kiley song, It’s a Hit. We started in 2010 as a blog focused on sharing new (and sometimes old!) music, film, television, books, dance, fashion, events, food, and more. We hit a snag in 2015 when the majority of our content was lost, but we’re resilient and creative, so we’ll post again!


: editor :

Gita G.

Gita is a former weekly contributor to the music and entertainment blog, Week in Rewind. For which she wrote music, TV, and movie reviews, as well as, artist retrospectives. In 2010, a good friend nudged her to branch off and start her own blog, thus Holiday for Hanging came into being. Gita’s interests are as wide and varied as those of The Breakfast Club. She has a passion for live music, travel, fitness, photography, cooking/baking, knitting, and most of all, humor.


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To have your music, film, television show, book, food, fashion or events considered for review or discussion on this blog, please send an email to holidayforhanging@gmail.com.